The devastation in Port Aransas from Hurricane Harvey was apparent immediately upon re-entry, but after two days, we better understood the extent of the damage and were faced with the harsh reality that most local families no longer had a safe place to call home. It was especially heartbreaking to witness our children being displaced all over the nation, some without their parents, all without the majority of their belongings. From this, our mission became clear: find the means necessary to provide temporary housing in Port Aransas for displaced Marlin families, to have our families back in their hometown and back in our school district, which will reopen  on October 16, 2017. 

Our goal is to raise $400,000 in order to purchase 20 RVs for 20 families. We have partnered with Port Aransas RV Resort to provide a safe community for those who receive RVs through our program. The families chosen will be given the RV at no cost to them and will be free to do with it what they wish once their homes are rebuilt. We want to provide immediate shelter to those in need, as well as an opportunity to regain their financial footing once Port Aransas is back up and running. Ownership of the RVs will assist in both these areas. 

Additional sponsors include: Yeti Coolers, Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi, Tyler's Apparel in Austin, Frost Bank, Trinity by the Sea Episcopal Church in Port Aransas.